Sequoia B – From Behind The Scene To On The Scene


       (Photo Courtesy:  Luc-Richard Photography)

A lot of people are very comfortable being comfortable, people are just comfortable living and for me I’m not comfortable living. I want to be the best version of what I could possible be while I’m on this earth and leave an extraordinary legacy.

Ambitious, determined and intellectual are some of the characteristics I’d use to describe Sequoia B.

One of the first female directors, Sequoia B was a commercial and music video director for 9 years, working with artist such as Justin Bieber, Diggy Simmons, Jacob Latimore and many others. Sequoia  didn’t know something was missing from her life and career until she came close to death about a year and a half ago and that’s when everything changed.

Sequoia B realized that if she was to leave this earth, she wouldn’t of been happy with the legacy she would have left behind.

Always been interested in life coaching, personal development and self help, Sequoia decided to make her passion her reality and began her business 7AM. The website is about personal development and relationship advice. 7AM is an online course platform. With 7AM, consumers are able to purchase personal development courses, for example some of the courses are ‘How to Get to The Next Level in Your Relationship?’ ’21 Days of Stress Relief,’ ‘How to Get Pass Your Stress’ and many others. These courses are designed to make a positive difference in a persons life. Although she loves 7AM now, Sequoia still has bigger plans for the future of her ‘baby.’

My bigger vision is to have an accountability coach for every single person who comes on the platform because what I’m seeing right now is people want help and people want to get to the next level of their lives and have that great experience but don’t do the work.

The accountability coaches will act as a teacher and go through the course with you. To get to know more about 7AM and what it has to offer, follow the link below.

On her road to entrepreneurship, Sequoia was introduced to Draper University started by Tim Draper. Sequoia earned an early stage investments from Tim Draper, as well as a match deal from an additional investor and she was able to continue to work on what used to be called Love Uncut. Thanks to her work and success Sequoia was also offered to be a Entrepreneurial Resident at Draper .

Thanks to Sequoia B and Tim Draper, Draper University became a reality show ‘StartUp U’ which airs Thursday’s on ABC Family. The season finale will air this Thursday (10/15) at 5PM EST. You can tweet to Sequoia @SequoiaB during the show using #StartupU. Check out the sneak peek for Thursday’s episode!

Advice that Sequoia would give to anyone contemplating a decision or working on accomplishing something or having issues achieving their goals is to ‘just do it.’

I think Nike got it right with ‘just do it,’ because literally you can spend so much time in your head thinking about something, that you can talk yourself in circles until you talk yourself out of it. No matter where you are in the phase, no matter where you are in the process, just start, just go and just do it. There is no right time, you just have to start and eventually it’ll come what it’s suppose to be become.

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