Do You! #LAAdvice

We all have that one friend, or that one family member who loves to tell everyone else what they should or shouldn’t be doing. You know that family member that tells you not to talk to Darnell, because he’s a ladies man, meanwhile she’s taking care of her baby daddy, Jodi, who still lives at home with his mother and he’s sleeping with his other baby mama? Or that woman from church who tells you need to stay out them night clubs, getting naked for any and everyone but she’s low key creeping with Deacon Brown? A sin is a sin, so you showing your pussy for bands is no different than her popping it for free.

We live in a judgmental world, a world that will build you up and tare you back down if you allow it. We can’t base what we do and how we choose live life off of others perceptions, otherwise we’ll never be happy in what we do. Remember that there’s always someone judging you, there’s always someone, somewhere turning their nose up at you. So, if you want to strip, strip, if you want to mess with a dope boy, do you, and if you want to hold back on sex until you get married, then do that. But don’t let anyone stop you from doing you, because blessings come in all forms, shapes, and sizes and you don’t won’t to miss out on yours blessing, living life how someone else wants you to live.


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