Does Your Body Count Matter?


What are body counts and why do they matter? Or maybe a better question is, do they matter? Today, people are defining body counts as the number of bodies you’ve had sexual relations with. This topic seems to be more sensitive and emotional for  women than it is for men. Why? Because for men, having sex with  a lot of women is good thing! A lot of men will put his penis in any woman, just to say he did it.  But then that same man will be repulsed and wouldn’t want to marry a woman with a body count number as high his.

Most women have standards when it comes to sex- they don’t just want to have sex with a man, so they can brag to their girls about how good or bad his “eggplant” was. Women typically have sex with a man because there are feelings involved. They want to connect with a man on a different level, or in some cases they just want to pleasure their man.

But what happens when the woman’s  sexual needs aren’t being met? She’s single and want to be pleasured by a man that she’s in love with and the feelings are mutual,  but that doesn’t always happen. So, does she increase her body count and continue to sleep with man after man, who may or may not give her that mind blowing sex she’s so desperately want? Sex, where she may or may not experience an orgasm?  Or does she just wait around to find true love? Maybe that man can make all of her sexual fantasies come true?

The women readers of MAD have different opinions. One reader said it doesn’t matter.

Honestly, I think it shouldn’t matter. Men have always felt like they didn’t want to date a woman with too many sex partners because they didn’t want a “loose” woman, but research shows a woman’s vagina can not become more loose from a large number of sexual partners. Most guys who think they’re sleeping with women with low body counts have almost twice the number he believes she has. So really what does it matter how many men she slept with?

Is the issue that women don’t want to feel loose when they do meet the right one or is it more so that women don’t want to give their body to just to anyone? After all, your body is your personal sanctuary, so is few orgasms worth it?

I think body count matters, no guy wants to marry a girl that has slept with a million people. It’s also self respect for me and knowing my self worth not to be giving the cookie to anyone. It’s a prized procession and I don’t think prize procession are for just anyone.

Body count, it’s a funny phrase and some time it’s an overlooked phrase. People often have sex, men and women alike and not even care or think about how many people they’re allowing ‘in.’ What’s your take on body count? Do you just let men in so that you can get that sexual satisfaction? Or do you go without and wait, hoping, praying you get what you want in the long run?


F*** sex! Get a toy. You can have sex with 10 people and still not find what you’re looking for.

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