Morning Motivation Day 3

Photo Courtesy: CN Traveler

It’s been almost three years since I decided I’m going to stop saying “I’ll take that trip next year,” because when “next year” comes, we’ll say the same thing again. 

My advice to you is take the trip! As long as everything at home is taken care, there’s nothing wrong with you getting on plane and landing somewhere fabulous. 

Stop pushing it back because before you know it, 10 years will pass you by and you will still be saying “Next year… For sure!”  I eliminated that phrase and started taking trips, it’s only been around the US, but it May it’ll be out of the country. I think we all should have the experience of stepping off of a plane, walking out of that airport, look around and just smile as we thank God for the opportunity and safe travels. Everything and everyone around you is a new experience, so let your hair down and enjoy. 

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