Morning Motivation Day 5

Photo Courtesy: SLO City News

Do you Pay it Forward ?

I ask this question because the holiday season is here and this is when we begin to hear all of the amazing “Pay it Forward” stories and realize despite popular belief, there are still good people in our world. 

I witnessed this last night. I was at Walmart and there was a woman and her infant son in line in front of me. She had a few things in her cart- milk, pampers, etc. but when she went to try to pay, her card wouldn’t work- she tried a few times. She knew she had the funds but for some reason it wasn’t going through. I was calculating in my head to see if I could afford to help.  A woman, who was behind me, walked up,  and handed the cashier $20 to pay for the woman’s things. I was surprised, I’d never witnessed an act like that before. I was even happy. The woman just smiled and said “Happy Holidays” and allowed her to keep the change. 

These kind of stories are happening every day and I just want to know if people like that woman, pass on the joy and give if they can. 

This season, I thought my way of giving back was donating to St. Margaret’s House and picking and angle off of the The Kroc’s Christmas tree, but I think I can do more than (and you probably can too). So when you see someone who may be in a bind and struggling a bit, help them out and maybe, just maybe they’ll pay it forward. 

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