Morning Motivation Days 4

Photo Courtesy: Urban Faith

First I’m going to speak on Black women. Women, you have to tone it down with your attitude and your delivery, especially if you’re raising a Black son! When you’re getting mad at the drop of a dime and be damn near ready to fight everyone in sight, you’ve got to remember you have a son watching you, a son who will have it a lot harder than you when he grows up. So when he grows us and behaves the same way he witnessed you behave  (and I promise you he will, if you don’t change) he’s going to be in jail or in a coffin. You have to realize that the only people who want to see Black Men succeed and excel is Black Women, everyone is silently waiting on your son to screw up so you can “lose” him. 

I’ve withnessed angry boys as young as three. This boy will get mad at anything and since he’s only three, that anger is going to continue to grow. I met this child’s mom and she was very angry and bitter and I knew that’s why he has so much anger built up in him. If you care about your son, you work on releasing your other than hollering, cusssing, and being angry. 

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