Morning Motivation Day 7

Women, stop allowing people to make you feel bad for being single and childless. The most common question I get asked is “When will I see a husband and some kids?” Then they like to assume I’m “lonely” because I live alone. 

Just to confirm lonely as defined by The Webster is “sad because has no company or friends.” Alone is defined as “having no one else present; on ones own” or “single.” 

We have to stop letting people influence our feelings towards relationships,life, and building a family. If you’re not for that lifestyle, then don’t get in to it. Most of the people who’s encouraging it won’t be there when you need them, some just want to see your struggle, and some will be there for you, but not how they’re claiming they will be. 

Live life and build at your own pace. You’re the only who has to live that life everyday.

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