Morning Motivation Day 7

Women, stop allowing people to make you feel bad for being single and childless. The most common question I get asked is “When will I see a husband and some kids?” Then they like to assume I’m “lonely” because I live alone. 

Just to confirm lonely as defined by The Webster is “sad because has no company or friends.” Alone is defined as “having no one else present; on ones own” or “single.” 

We have to stop letting people influence our feelings towards relationships,life, and building a family. If you’re not for that lifestyle, then don’t get in to it. Most of the people who’s encouraging it won’t be there when you need them, some just want to see your struggle, and some will be there for you, but not how they’re claiming they will be. 

Live life and build at your own pace. You’re the only who has to live that life everyday.

Morning Motivation Days 4

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First I’m going to speak on Black women. Women, you have to tone it down with your attitude and your delivery, especially if you’re raising a Black son! When you’re getting mad at the drop of a dime and be damn near ready to fight everyone in sight, you’ve got to remember you have a son watching you, a son who will have it a lot harder than you when he grows up. So when he grows us and behaves the same way he witnessed you behave  (and I promise you he will, if you don’t change) he’s going to be in jail or in a coffin. You have to realize that the only people who want to see Black Men succeed and excel is Black Women, everyone is silently waiting on your son to screw up so you can “lose” him. 

I’ve withnessed angry boys as young as three. This boy will get mad at anything and since he’s only three, that anger is going to continue to grow. I met this child’s mom and she was very angry and bitter and I knew that’s why he has so much anger built up in him. If you care about your son, you work on releasing your other than hollering, cusssing, and being angry. 

Graduation Blues




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You just walked across that stage, after four or five long years of endless nights, countless test, hundreds of lectures, and what feels like millions of Academic papers- now what? Will you, within three months, get that dream job, making at least 60K a year? Will you take the GRE test and go to grad school? Maybe you’ll take some time off and enjoy life?

Most of us stress ourselves out because we can’t find what we’re looking for! We just can’t get that job no matter how much we cry, pray or try!

No matter which fate choose to follow you, remember you’re not alone Someone has been through it before. That stress you feel whenever you open an email explaining how great and intelligent you are, but just not good enough for their company, the hurt you feel when you wake up to no emails from the man, who’s hand you firmly shook after what felt like an amazing interview- yes, that same interview you spent the last few dollars in your checking account preparing for and had to borrow money from a parent or a friend just to get gas to make it to the damn thing! So, yes you have a right to angry and upset! So, yell, scream, let it all! But don’t give up! Don’t let 5 years, all those lectures, and thousands of dollars go down the drain! Don’t give anyone the pleasure of seeing you give up or hear you say “I can’t do this!” It gets hard, you will cry, you will probably want to give up! But think about the bigger picture. It’s not going to come when you want it to or how you want it to, but it’s coming, so don’t give up on yourself, your future, or God.

Google now into Fortune Telling?

Sadly, Sci-Fi movies haven’t been proven right, yet. Computers can’t predict our futures, aside from weather forecasting and the like. However, a new fortune-telling app, dubbed ‘Google’ Fortunetelling-Predict your future, a FAKE google branch is going viral currently.

Having an interface very similar to the original search engine, this is an initiative by the creators to spread awareness about the 60 million refugees with unsure futures muddy with discrimination and social rejection.

Typing in the search box prompts a few pre-set questions like, “is there a place where they will accept me?” or “will humans ever stop fighting war?” and pressing the Predict my Future takes the user to a -well, very unexpected page. We wont include any spoilers.

However noble the cause may be, betagoogle does nothing to solve the problem though. It just spreads an awareness, using Google’s name to attract more users. It also asks them to share the issue on Facebook and Twitter. Instead, the real  Google raised donations, matching upto $10 million to four related charities.

You can help the refugees too by donating here. Lets Make A Difference.

Do You, Be You


There are some topics that some writers like to refrain from discussing or delving into because the stories can be too sensitive and too real. The writers of M.A.D Mag like get into those stories, get people involved and get feelings involved. It’s not because we want to see everyone being an emotional wreck, but because it needs to be done, I know this story is one probably a lot people can relate and after reading this it’s my wish that someone decides to be themselves after reading it.

I notice a lot people change who they are for society or their family.  It’s obvious people, both men and women, as well as children change their appearance based of what they see in the media and what society expects of them, but what happens when people work to hard to please and/or their family? I know of a few people who can’t live the life desire because they fear what others will think of them.

There’s a woman, who we’ll call Simone. It’s obvious to everyone around Simone that she has issues with her sexual identity. Many people even believed she slept around with so many men in order to avoid or possible make the feelings she has for women go away. Keep in mind Simone has never admitted that anyone, but actions says it all. She’d subliminal tweet or post to women she’d interested in, thinking no one would notice, but there’s also some wondering and nosey eyes behind every computer screen. Simone played both parts of the team and became pregnant, to satisfy her family who knows about her feeling toward both sexes, she marries the father of her child. She is now in a marriage she regrets with a man she may not even love, but since she love her twin daughters, she feels like she has to stay this man, because now she had two young daughters looking up to her, she has to show them what it’s like to be a woman. Being a woman means sticking your relationship and being with your husband until death do you part right? So how can she leave her husband to go be with the person who really has her heart? A woman who has always had her heart.

Or consider Adam who is expected is to go Notre Dame and excel, make all A’s and graduate Summa Cum Laude because his grandfather, father and older brother all did and now they’re some of the most known lawyers in  South. Adam only made through high school from cheating and drugs, so he can never survive college, not to mention to Law school. What Adam really wants to do is be an Architecture. So, why did he just begin is sophomore year at Notre Dame student doing what is father wants verse what he wants?

We can’t forget about Rachel who loves Jason, more than she has ever love another man, but everyone around town, including Rachel’s family knows that Jason is bad news. Rachel even knows that Jason is bad news, but she doesn’t care. After so much taunting, yelling and arguing Rachel breaks it off Jason, she tries to move on, but her heart isn’t allowing her to love another man. She gets a new boyfriend to satisfy her nagging parents and nosey family members and the man who her family practically forced her to be was another Jason, only worse and to make matters worse, the two have  a baby together. Rachel still can’t find it in herself to love this new man,  after years of abuse and three children.

Life is full of obstacles, disappointments and even more opinions. It’s your job to make sure you do what you want to do and be who you want to be. It’s not society, your parents or grandparents who will have to live with those choices, it’s you and if you happen to bring children into the picture then they suffer because you’re suffering. This us to telling you to do you, be you, please you.

Hillary Throws Shade & Discuss Politics


If you’re into late night shows, then probably witnessed Hillary Clinton and Jimmy Kimmel throw shade at Republican Donald Trump on the Tonight Show. The two had a ‘mock debate’ where they discuss Hillary Clinton and equal rights, Donald Trump and his marriages and much more!

My overall favorite part was when Mrs. Clinton told Jimmy ‘pull my hair!’ Get your mind out of the gutters, she was just basically saying Donald Trumps hair is fake. After spending several minutes mocking Donald, his views on the world and politics, Hillary then shared her own. She said she want to increase ‘our’ paychecks as well immigration. I agree with her on immigration, but how many presidents for how man years has been making the same promise, yet minimum wage in some cities and states has been the same for years? My issues with these people is when they mention pay increase, they fail to mention that the cost of living will go up as well, so in reality we will still be in the same boat. I agree with Hillary views, but I can’t wait to hear her discuss them more in depth.

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