Attention Ladies

Heartthrob and actor Idris Elba has an offer we can’t refuse. By entering his Omaze charity fundraising campaign, you could win a date with the melanin gawd himself. “That’s right, love,” Elba said, seducing us with his accent. “Just you and me. No one else around. Just us.” The money raised will help schoolgirls in Sierra…

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Does Your Body Count Matter?


What are body counts and why do they matter? Or maybe a better question is, do they matter? Today, people are defining body counts as the number of bodies you’ve had sexual relations with. This topic seems to be more sensitive and emotional for  women than it is for men. Why? Because for men, having sex with  a lot of women is good thing! A lot of men will put his penis in any woman, just to say he did it.  But then that same man will be repulsed and wouldn’t want to marry a woman with a body count number as high his.

Most women have standards when it comes to sex- they don’t just want to have sex with a man, so they can brag to their girls about how good or bad his “eggplant” was. Women typically have sex with a man because there are feelings involved. They want to connect with a man on a different level, or in some cases they just want to pleasure their man.

But what happens when the woman’s  sexual needs aren’t being met? She’s single and want to be pleasured by a man that she’s in love with and the feelings are mutual,  but that doesn’t always happen. So, does she increase her body count and continue to sleep with man after man, who may or may not give her that mind blowing sex she’s so desperately want? Sex, where she may or may not experience an orgasm?  Or does she just wait around to find true love? Maybe that man can make all of her sexual fantasies come true?

The women readers of MAD have different opinions. One reader said it doesn’t matter.

Honestly, I think it shouldn’t matter. Men have always felt like they didn’t want to date a woman with too many sex partners because they didn’t want a “loose” woman, but research shows a woman’s vagina can not become more loose from a large number of sexual partners. Most guys who think they’re sleeping with women with low body counts have almost twice the number he believes she has. So really what does it matter how many men she slept with?

Is the issue that women don’t want to feel loose when they do meet the right one or is it more so that women don’t want to give their body to just to anyone? After all, your body is your personal sanctuary, so is few orgasms worth it?

I think body count matters, no guy wants to marry a girl that has slept with a million people. It’s also self respect for me and knowing my self worth not to be giving the cookie to anyone. It’s a prized procession and I don’t think prize procession are for just anyone.

Body count, it’s a funny phrase and some time it’s an overlooked phrase. People often have sex, men and women alike and not even care or think about how many people they’re allowing ‘in.’ What’s your take on body count? Do you just let men in so that you can get that sexual satisfaction? Or do you go without and wait, hoping, praying you get what you want in the long run?


F*** sex! Get a toy. You can have sex with 10 people and still not find what you’re looking for.

What Women Want Vs What Women Need


What  women need and what men think women need are  two different things. A woman- by this term I mean a lady on her grind, a lady that’s about her business, a lady that can get it on her own, by any means necessary with or without a man in her corner won’t  need a man for financial reasons. A woman doesn’t need a man to be successful. But what’s success if you’ve no one to share it with? Men are flashy and like to buy women with material things. They like to finesse women, instead of getting to know them. The issue is too many women accept this behavior from men, so men think it’s appropriate. It isn’t, we can woo ourselves. We need a confidante (besides our girls), we need someone who can support us and be there for us  mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and sexually! We need someone who we can grow and run an empire with. We don’t need heartbreaks and wet pillows. We don’t need broken promises and unfortunate circumstances. We don’t need to be like those infamous #RelationshipGoals videos, trying to look up to and be like a couple who we don’t even know- a couple who may not even have a relationship based off of love. We need something more. We need real men who gives us real love. Mary J. Blige did say it best;                                                            “Real love
I’m searchin’ for a real love
Someone to set my heart free
Real love
I’m searchin’ for a real love.”

Women need real love and so do men and a little (maybe a lot) of mind blowing sex can only improve the relationship.

Graduation Blues




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You just walked across that stage, after four or five long years of endless nights, countless test, hundreds of lectures, and what feels like millions of Academic papers- now what? Will you, within three months, get that dream job, making at least 60K a year? Will you take the GRE test and go to grad school? Maybe you’ll take some time off and enjoy life?

Most of us stress ourselves out because we can’t find what we’re looking for! We just can’t get that job no matter how much we cry, pray or try!

No matter which fate choose to follow you, remember you’re not alone Someone has been through it before. That stress you feel whenever you open an email explaining how great and intelligent you are, but just not good enough for their company, the hurt you feel when you wake up to no emails from the man, who’s hand you firmly shook after what felt like an amazing interview- yes, that same interview you spent the last few dollars in your checking account preparing for and had to borrow money from a parent or a friend just to get gas to make it to the damn thing! So, yes you have a right to angry and upset! So, yell, scream, let it all! But don’t give up! Don’t let 5 years, all those lectures, and thousands of dollars go down the drain! Don’t give anyone the pleasure of seeing you give up or hear you say “I can’t do this!” It gets hard, you will cry, you will probably want to give up! But think about the bigger picture. It’s not going to come when you want it to or how you want it to, but it’s coming, so don’t give up on yourself, your future, or God.

Sequoia B – From Behind The Scene To On The Scene


       (Photo Courtesy:  Luc-Richard Photography)

A lot of people are very comfortable being comfortable, people are just comfortable living and for me I’m not comfortable living. I want to be the best version of what I could possible be while I’m on this earth and leave an extraordinary legacy.

Ambitious, determined and intellectual are some of the characteristics I’d use to describe Sequoia B.

One of the first female directors, Sequoia B was a commercial and music video director for 9 years, working with artist such as Justin Bieber, Diggy Simmons, Jacob Latimore and many others. Sequoia  didn’t know something was missing from her life and career until she came close to death about a year and a half ago and that’s when everything changed.

Sequoia B realized that if she was to leave this earth, she wouldn’t of been happy with the legacy she would have left behind.

Always been interested in life coaching, personal development and self help, Sequoia decided to make her passion her reality and began her business 7AM. The website is about personal development and relationship advice. 7AM is an online course platform. With 7AM, consumers are able to purchase personal development courses, for example some of the courses are ‘How to Get to The Next Level in Your Relationship?’ ’21 Days of Stress Relief,’ ‘How to Get Pass Your Stress’ and many others. These courses are designed to make a positive difference in a persons life. Although she loves 7AM now, Sequoia still has bigger plans for the future of her ‘baby.’

My bigger vision is to have an accountability coach for every single person who comes on the platform because what I’m seeing right now is people want help and people want to get to the next level of their lives and have that great experience but don’t do the work.

The accountability coaches will act as a teacher and go through the course with you. To get to know more about 7AM and what it has to offer, follow the link below.

On her road to entrepreneurship, Sequoia was introduced to Draper University started by Tim Draper. Sequoia earned an early stage investments from Tim Draper, as well as a match deal from an additional investor and she was able to continue to work on what used to be called Love Uncut. Thanks to her work and success Sequoia was also offered to be a Entrepreneurial Resident at Draper .

Thanks to Sequoia B and Tim Draper, Draper University became a reality show ‘StartUp U’ which airs Thursday’s on ABC Family. The season finale will air this Thursday (10/15) at 5PM EST. You can tweet to Sequoia @SequoiaB during the show using #StartupU. Check out the sneak peek for Thursday’s episode!

Advice that Sequoia would give to anyone contemplating a decision or working on accomplishing something or having issues achieving their goals is to ‘just do it.’

I think Nike got it right with ‘just do it,’ because literally you can spend so much time in your head thinking about something, that you can talk yourself in circles until you talk yourself out of it. No matter where you are in the phase, no matter where you are in the process, just start, just go and just do it. There is no right time, you just have to start and eventually it’ll come what it’s suppose to be become.

Google now into Fortune Telling?

Sadly, Sci-Fi movies haven’t been proven right, yet. Computers can’t predict our futures, aside from weather forecasting and the like. However, a new fortune-telling app, dubbed ‘Google’ Fortunetelling-Predict your future, a FAKE google branch is going viral currently.

Having an interface very similar to the original search engine, this is an initiative by the creators to spread awareness about the 60 million refugees with unsure futures muddy with discrimination and social rejection.

Typing in the search box prompts a few pre-set questions like, “is there a place where they will accept me?” or “will humans ever stop fighting war?” and pressing the Predict my Future takes the user to a -well, very unexpected page. We wont include any spoilers.

However noble the cause may be, betagoogle does nothing to solve the problem though. It just spreads an awareness, using Google’s name to attract more users. It also asks them to share the issue on Facebook and Twitter. Instead, the real  Google raised donations, matching upto $10 million to four related charities.

You can help the refugees too by donating here. Lets Make A Difference.